April 4, 2016,

Hey Mom,

I'm not sure what to do with the bike situation too. I'm sure it'll be alright to call them. Thanks for the information. If you can, describe the bike. That's all that I can think of.

The work's been great. We haven't been teaching a whole bunch, but we've been teaching. We've been picking up where the other elders left off on this one kid named K*. His little brother was baptized about a year ago, but due to complications with parents, K* wasn't. However, K* talked to his godfather (they have different godfathers) and he said yes. He's on date for the 30th. Can you believe it? Two weeks in and already someone I've taught is making the commitment.

I'm getting the hang of things. Elder Higgins has definitely been a help. I just need to be patient with myself. I won't be perfect over night.

Thanks for the package. I got it on Tuesday. I enjoyed the thin mints. Thank you for the last minute addition. I've really enjoy having it with me. The youth in the ward think it's cool too. Elder Higgins actually knows how to do it too. Not to brag, but I'm faster ;).

The food so far has been pretty good. I found it funny that you sent me PB&J makings. Because I had just bought my own the day before. The elders before us left a can of Sloppy-Joe makings and some hamburger patties. So I made Sloppy-Joes. Also, they left some instant grits. I think I'm getting used to grits. Turns out plain grits aren't very tasty, that is unless you put something in it. For example, something like Sloppy-Joes :). It was surprisingly good. While I'm on the subject, could you email me the recipes for your chili and corn bread, as well as muddy buddies?

I feel bad saying this but, no photos again :(. The computers at the library don't like talking to my camera. Also, it would be great if you could leave the last photo I sent you so I know where I'm at with the photos.


Elder Matthew Blanding

True At All Times.