Family Photos

2013 Jan, Family Photo, Doreen, Steve, Mike, Chris, Jessie, Kray, Jason & Matt (38).jpg

We decided that it was time again to get our family all cleaned up and take a family photo. This may be the last time we are together for at least 10 years. Missions, marriages, school and whatever may make it impossible for all eight of us to be together for a very long time. Of course we called Matt Campbell and had him take our photos.  They turned out GREAT! Here are just a few.

I've added more photos in the next Bugle entry. Just hover over the 2013 and it will show up. 


2013 Jan, Family Photo, Doreen, Matt, Chris, Jason, Jessie, Kray, Mike, Steve (25).jpg
2013 Jan, Family Photo, Jason, Doreen, Steve, Mike, Kray, Chris, Matt & Jessie (52).jpg
2013 Jan, Family Photo, Mike, Kray, Jessie, Steve, Doreen, Matt, Chris & Jason EDIT CROP (3).jpg

All home for two months

Kray decided to not go back to BYU-Hawaii and finish up his degree. Instead he will be applying to WSU and finish up his business degree via their online program.  He will be living at home and going to work full-time for a company in Bothell called Quosal.  He is busy trying to figure out transportation and logistics. In the meantime he is back working at Garlic Jims making a few dollars so he can pay back all his school loans.

Jessie cutting her rag quilt.

Jessie cutting her rag quilt.

Jason is preparing, shopping, and working to earn money for his mission. He is super excited to leave and I think he would be there if he could.  This waiting around can drive a missionary crazy (not to mention his parents).  

Mike, Matt, Chris (who turned 14 this month) and Jessie are busy with school work.  It is nice having everyone at home.  My grocery bill is high, but I love it!  The boys are playing basketball and Jessie is loving her dance class.

Jessie and I got busy and started a few sewing projects over the holiday break and finished them up this month.  We had so much fun!   We also made two baby quilts for a mother in our ward who is having twin boys next month. 

Father and son!

Father and son!