Stick to it!

Come explore through service, games, speakers, activity and learn how to STICK TO IT!

May 31, 2014
ages 12-18*
12053 154th Place NW
Redmond, WA 98052
(look for balloons)
We are in the big white barn--same place as last year.

Family dinner will start at 7:15pm with dancing to follow.

send an email to doreen at with this information:

Youth Name:
Youth Phone:
Parent Name:
Parent Phone:
Scholarship need: yes or no
Number of family members to attend dinner and dance (do not count youth who will be at the conference).

Payment of $20/per youth is due to Doreen by May 23rd via mail or paypal.
Payment of $5/per person for dinner is due to Doreen by May 23rd via mail or paypal.
You may send a check to her home 18313 NE 133rd ST, Redmond, WA 98052 or send payment through paypal through Steve @ from the paypal website (click on the word paypal to go there). Please put LYTTS Conference in the comments section.
Scholarships are available; just ask.
Space is limited so get your registration in today!


Put a sticky on your calendar and Come FINISH a great year! 


*If your child attends weekly youth activities in your ward then your child is old enough (or young enough), they may attend.
If they are homeschooled, they may attend.
If they are part-time homeschooled, they may attend.
If they attend Running-Start and went to it straight from homeschooling, they may attend.