Nothing says September like SOCCER!  

Jessie said it was OK for Doreen to coach again so out to the pitch they went!  This year Kray decided he couldn't just sit on the sidelines and keep is mouth quiet (like mother like son?) so he signed up to be an assistant coach for Jessie's team.  Doreen has been lucky in that she has two dads in addition to Kray so the side lines runs smoothly.

This year has been quite different for the Thunder. They were moved up a division and now those hard fought games aren't falling their way.   

"It has been hard to see long faces after a game," said Coach Blanding, "but they are working hard and it will happen for them eventually. "

It also meant that Chris, Matt and Doreen put on some yellow striped shirts with yellow and red cards in their pocket and proceeded to make some spending cash refereeing little kids games.  Their preferred age was the U10 games.

"At this age," Doreen said, "the parents are happy someone else is out there, the coaches don't know too much and the players still think you are god." Of course there is the occasional side line they had to put in order, but for the most part, it was easy money.

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Elder Blanding in Mexico

Elder Jason Blanding has his own blog, but it would be appropriate to update the family and friends who read this on how he is doing. He is doing so well.  He has been in the city of Puebla since he first arrived there. His first companion was from Nevada, Elder Swenson. (Doreen found his mother in an email group and they have swapped photos.) At first he found the eating schedule and menu a bit different, but once it got use to the major meal at about one (or two when they split the area with the sisters) it was OK. He also said recently that the food was OK as long as it wasn't too spicy.  

The weather hasn't been too much of a problem but the amount of rain in such a short time makes him feel like a traitor being from Seattle when he puts up his umbrella.  But he said that you have to use an umbrella or you get to your next appointment drenched.  

He has sent a few short recordings home (for birthday mainly) and his voice sounds so happy.  The photographs we get of him alway have a smile on his face.  Doreen takes that as all good signs! Most of the photos have been of things they find in the street and let's just say that they need a better animal control department. 

Elder Blanding with President and Sister Christensen in Puebla. 

Elder Blanding with President and Sister Christensen in Puebla.