The Blandings went bowling and had a GREAT time. Mike, Matt, Chris and Jessie belong to a BSA Venturing crew and as a group they went late night bowling. Doreen went along as a chaperone and of course had to put on some goofy shoes and have fun too.  The bowling alley lets you bowl for two hours and you play as many games as you can.  They turn on the white lights so everything glows. They also hold contests during the night. Matt one for the best dancing and Doreen got a strike when the yellow pin was in front. They had a BLAST!!

Happy Birthday, Chris

a personal narative written by Chris

Chris Blanding

Personal Narrative

Thunderbirds Game

            Watching my friends’ iPhone die, I replay the events of the last hour. I remember leaving BJs, a restaurant in Redmond Town Center, where one of my friends and my family took me for my birthday dinner.  As we got into the car, I was thinking, “Where are we going?” We drive for a couple of miles then get into this massive three mile back up on 405. One of my parents says, “This is not good; now we’ll be late”.

            “Late for what?” I ask.

Now here I am watching my friends’ iPhone die as the only source of real entertainment. I pry my parents for information about where we were going, to no avail. I occasionally pull out my iPod to play some games as we listen to my mom’s music. I talk with my friend and just look out the window to keep myself from boredom. Then we are finally driving past the crash and out of the backup. As we’re driving, I notice some of the traffic signs and see “Kent” on one of them. We drive for a couple of miles, take an off ramp, and drive to the center of a city. Then my dad drives around looking for the place we were going to. As we drive around, my friend and I are talking about stuff. And then my dad just all of a sudden turns to the left and my friend notices the place we’re going to.

 “Hey, we’re going to the ShoWare Center,” says my friend.

Then I realize that we are going to watch one of my favorite sports, Hockey. It’s the Seattle Thunderbirds verses the Spokane Chiefs! Sadly, the three mile backup made us miss the first period of the game, but the second period is just about to start. It’s a blur of action.

Now, it’s near the end of the third period. The Thunderbirds are down 2-3, and we are on the offence. We need one more goal to put us into overtime (OT). I’m sitting on the edge of my seat as the Thunderbirds come up for the last push to get that one goal we need. Their passing is spot-on, and they get one guy in the slot just above the goal. He gets the puck and takes the shot. As it hits the back of the net, the crowd goes wild with cheering. We are heading into OT.

The puck drops and the longest five minutes of the game starts. It goes back and forth a couple of times. We get the puck and we bring it up the neutral zone and into the offensive zone. We start passing the puck, taking a couple of shots. Their goalie is holding firm, not letting anything in. Then one shot, once again, from the slot. It flies through the air and hits the back of the net.

The team and the crowd go wild.

What a great 15th Birthday surprise! Thanks Mom and Dad.

Chris and Taylor 

Chris and Taylor 

Doreen and Chris

Doreen and Chris