February 8, 2016, Tuesday to hoy

This was a very fun, fast, tiring week.

Hi mom,

This week we learned that we have a 7 week transfer, so I'm here for another 7 weeks! My new companion is Elder Lucero. I'm super excited. I've met him a few times and from what I can remember he's pretty cool.

Tuesday, to finish the day we had lunch/dinner with the patriarch and then we taught Mutual. It was sick. We taught about missionary life. The hermanas taught about Goals and Studies (one topic per companionship) and the Elder talked about how we can find solace and peace in the scriptures. Elder Jager and I had the Q&A section. They put us in charge, so we decided (all of us) on what and then drew the topics out of a hat (just me and elder Jager). We went last, so we had a 1 out of 10 chance of getting it, and it fell on us. All in all, it was really good, but people thought we cheated for our topic.

Wednesday, we had service and some planned activities, but they mostly fell through. We ran by los Pina and answered some questions that they had about us as missionaries. We then taught some of our progressing investigators (it's slow progression, but there is progression) the Word of Wisdom and showed a video from LDS.org. It was President Monson bearing his testimony after a general Conference address. The fed us Pizza and then we went to the Morenos for dinner (fun). On the way, we got a call from Hermana Corona to come and give another blessing to her friend, so we [ate] as quick as possible and then ran to give the blessing (the hermano Moreno gave us a ride to the blessing !:) ) The friend's tires got slashed (by her Land Lord!) so she wouldn't be able to go to the court the next day (they are in a really bad argument that is going to court, and the Land Lord is pulling some really sketchy, underhanded, dirty stuff, and most of it is illegal). Miracle, she found out about it the night before, so she planned ahead and got to the court. She also now wants to come to church and learn about the church. She wanted the blessing because the last time we gave her one (on Monday) she felt good and wanted that feeling again.

Thursday,  We got our laundry done by the hermana Moreno (she offered) and then took the rest of Preparation day (we lost about an hour and a half on Tuesday) We then did some visits, found a sick family (los Serrato) and had dinner with the Ortega. This was a freaking fantastic meal. During Preparation day, I saw a lasagna and thought, it's been so long since I've had lasagna. I should just buy it and make it, but it's so expensive and i don't want a large one that will go bad, so i didn't buy it. Lo and behold, that night, the hermana Ortega made a lasagna for us and we ate very happily. We then had coordination and found out that the hermano Garcia had seen us throwing cards on our way to recuperation day and didn't like it. We were just breaking up the time on the walk home, so I don't understand his problem. We also did a little practice for the musical number we were asked to do this Saturday for ZTM last night. We were given strict instructions to NOT us any proselyting time to practice, but we're doing it with the English elders, who don't live with us, so we took 30 minutes to pick and practice a song we all know.

Friday, we had exchanges and service. We did service at the Van Nuys city hall again and then Elder Page and I lit his area on fire. We taught a new investigator and a menos activo (at the same time). The Menos activo is super cool and so is the kid. He has a baptismal date for the 6 of march and I know he can make it. We also got some fruit from a hermana who was catholic, but was feeling in a giving mood.

Saturday, We had ZTM. At the very end of ZTM, the zone leaders got transfer calls, so not much after we got to know who was staying and who's leaving. Elder Jager is upset that he's out, but excited to District Lead, and i'm excited to see what's in store this transfer. We then ran to lessons. most fell through, but it was good. I played some apartment soccer with some kids and we rescheduled with a potential. We then had dinner with the Lipe. Hint, on the mission, find out who feeds you BIG and then ask them to feed you the day before fast Sunday (best for Lunch) and then start fasting the minute your done eating. You gorge and store food for a day and you don't have to pay for it. We then gave a blessing to an investigator who was feeling sick, but looks like our most solid family.

Sunday, the sick investigator (from last night) came to church. We picked his wife up as an investigator on Monday, and she came too. They are seriously prepared. It was a weird Sunday to come, because the lesson was on priesthood and being worthy of it. It would have been fine, but the question turned to Cremation and burials, so I kind of felt awkward. The worst part, the hermano Moreno was talking about home teaching, which needs to get done, but we didn't have time for his lesson! Sacrament was good, all the elders gave their testimony and at the end we all felt good. A family said hi to our investigators and one hermano (who is English but attends our Spanish ward and i think has a stake calling) was helping our investigator understand about priesthood and what it means and offered to give him his number (actual he asked us to do it) so he could call him with questions. FREAKING#AMISTADES!!!!

That's it for the week. Man i'm tired. I just packed up all my stuff because we are getting/got fumigated today, so I don't have anything put away. But, I got up like two hours early with out having to be woken up, so swag.


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to Serve My King