WOW, This week was really fast.

Hi mom.

Not much happened through out the week. All the plans we had set fell through (except for meetings and meals... except for one meal which i'll explain, (seriously, we don't have to cook all week because we are fed every day for dinner and sometimes lunch)).

Monday, was preparation day.

Tuesday, we planned and talked with everyone.

Wednesday, we did service and talked with everyone. We taught two lessons that day, sort of, but nothing super huge.

Thursday, we had district meeting and then talked with everyone. We also did splits with the ward to do home teaching. It was cool. I went with Hermano Pina (the dad of the girl who was baptized last week) and he's solid. Loved every minute of our time together. Seriously, that man is reason enough to come back and visit.

Friday, we had exchanges with Elder Page and Elder Flores. Elder Page came here with Elder Jager, so I was back in Van Nuys for a day (in elder Buck, Elder Rangel, Elder Gutierrez, and Elder Jenson's old area) knocking on doors and talking with the gente. We walked it, which was fun, and we had one of the best lessons on the Book of Mormon ever and a super cool conversation with a referral who has the right questions (like Joseph Smith right questions) and just needs to know where to look for the answers (like the Book of Mormon and God).

Saturday, we worked a little more in the area and then we exchanged back. After that we talked with everyone and tried to get a dinner with los sacor (it was their daughter's Birthday and they'd invited us over for dinner to celebrate with them). We were super excited, love that family, to do this, but they failed to inform us that the "dinner", party, was taking place in a different house that is outside our area, in fact, it's outside the zone and therefore we can only go there with Presidents premision or on ward business (our ward is split by the zone) so we did some daily contact and then went to Wendy's (we're sick of pasta right now.)

Sunday. Hermano Pina confirmed his daughter and we had a lot of menos activos in the church. One clasped coming in and we had to lift her up so she could get to class. We also had a menos activo from YSA come and stay with us for a bit while he waited for YSA to start. His mom (a non-member) wants him to get active again, so she brought him and actually came to the church on Saturday night to find someone, and she talked to Hermano Pina (the one mentioned above) about her son, so she waited for him to show up and then left, knowing she brought her son the the right place. After church, WE HAD STUDIES (all year we've missed them because we've been in consejo and then we don't have time after, until this week!!!) So we studied for a little bit, then ran by Members and found a few. Super cool. We now have dinners on Tuesdays. (NO COOK TUESDAY!) We then did some service and talked to the old stake president, presidente Gomez. He's also the old bishop (we was bishop, president, and then bishop again). It was the best conversation we've had in a long time with anyone. He talked about his new calling (Just Serve specialist on the stake level) and also about stories he has with talking with General Authorities. One was a story of President Gordon B. Hinckley and his Son (of president Hinckley) that his son told presidente Gomez when he was there visiting. And also a cool story about what some members did the day that president hinckley died. We then ran (literally) to dinner.

Monday, we did planning, wanted to run by some members, but got a call from a member who needed help, so we ran by and then directed him to the bishop (he actually called us later that day to tell us he got in touch with the bishop and that his problem is better now (don't go trying to draw conclusions, I promise you are wrong) he also called us just now as we are e-mailing) We then did some more visits and found a new investigator who is the wife of a investigator we found at the beginning of December, but lost contact with. They're super cool and are going to be baptized with in the month. We then had dinner and I gave a blessing to someone who needed some counsel and love.

That's it for the week+1day. I guess I could tell you I went through the temple today, but that's the only reason I'm writing today. I could also add I did the section in Spanish, but that'd be barging... who cares, I just did.

Love Elder Blanding

Called to Serve my King.