February 16, 2016, FUN WEEKS, LONG DAYS, and a SURPRISE

Hi mom,

This was a fun, but long week. I still just want to be curled up in bed cutting logs right now... it sucks.

On Monday, elder Jager and I spent a lot of time doing, almost nothing. We packed and then we got fumigated, so we couldn't just sit in the apartment. We played some b-ball with the other elders (elder Page and elder Flores) in a park and some cholos (pandilleros) invited us to play with them. After that we had 2 dinners, one with obispo Barragan and the other with hermano Sacor. They were great, but i ended up eating 4 hot dogs, two and a half slices of cake, one and a half scoops of ice cream and a lot of chips, rice and quacamole. Then we had to go to the second dinner where i ate 5 burgers, and the other elders all tapped out at or before one. I didn't feel to good that night and then I threw up. Not fun, but i did feel better.

Tuesday, we did transfers, and right a way I lost elder Lucero, my new companiero. He's cool. We did a normal day and tried to talk to everyone. Dinner was good, but we lost lunch with the de Luna because  we were in Santa Clarita for transfers. They served us lunch, so it was still no cook Tuesday, but I missed the de Luna. We did find 4 investigators that day, so SWAG.

Wednesday, we planned. Then we left and found 2 investigators, taught one of our investigators and had dinner with the (i'm sorry elder Jager) the Moreno. It was really good and Elder Lucero loves the area, the members and the Moreno already.

Thursday we had district meeting and then we taught some of our investigators. We ran by the Pina, but they had family over, so we reset and left. The aunt of hermana Pina just died, so they didn't come to church Sunday because they were in Utah for the funeral :(. We also ran by a Menos activa that's having some problems. We tried to help out as best we could and then we went to dinner with the Azurdia. It was really good. (this week we were fed dinner every day). we also went to the doctors (no there is nothing wrong with me or my companion don't sweat) and we had a lunch pick up at 12:30. We called them because we were running late and they said that we'd already picked it up. We were in Santa Clarita still, so it would have been impossible and a miracle if we had. She describe who'd picked it up and the description matched elder Houmand and elder Clarke (his tranie) but it was Elder Wakamatsu and elder Neilson. We got lunch from sister Anderson, and then they (the elders with the food) called and gave us back the food.

Friday, we did service with elder Page and elder Flores in a senior center. It was fun and at the end we got lunch. The only weird part was that it was a valentines day dance, so we were scared of seeing old people kiss.

 We then had interviews and then a full night, but the ward threw it's own dance/potluck that was supposed to start at 6:30, but didn't began until 7:45. It was fun, but we lost all the night there.

Saturday, we started off with Futbol with the obispo his 1st counceler and 2 jovenes in the ward and then we set up for conference.  after this we did studies and then we ran by investigators and futuros. we then knocked around an apartment and finally taught N*. She's a member referral, but we don't think she has a lot of interest. We're going to go back, but the member who referred her can't help to much. She doesn't speak Spanish and is her boss, so we're thinking that we can't do to much. The member we had is from west Virginia but he goes to our ward. He's really cool, but talked to much and way to fast. He obviously was nervous.

Sunday, we had the broadcast. It was cool. And SURPRISE. Elder Garcia estuvo alli! He came visiting and so we took pictures and talked. He came back with Elder Blakely, who trained elder Snachez (my zone leader) and so they invited us out to lunch on Monday. it was fun. after the broad cast, we went to work. Had lunch with the Lipe (they called to invite us over after we got home) and then found two more investigators. We finished by talking with a menos activo who fed us dinner (#nocookthursdayandsundaytoo!!!) I'm being completely over fed.

Monday... I HATE HOLIDAYS ON MONDAYS!!!! We can't e-mail and we're supposed to be fumigated, but it didn't happen due to the holiday, so we shopped a little (we still have left overs from some of our lunches) then we went to costco, so i bought for the transfer (I hope) it wasn't to expensive either. We then played Soccer at the church with the zone, and finished the day by planing and eating with the hermana corona. Elder Garcia had to cancel, but he got me a gift card for (I'm sorry Elder Jager) PANDA EXPRESS!!! It's worth (elder Jager, you might want to skip to the end now) $20.

Any way, love you all, know the church is true and hope the next few transfers are long and productive. (This one is 7 weeks!!) :D


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to serve our king