February 29, 2016, Not alone anymore

Hi mom,

I don't really have much to say today. It was a normal week. We did an exchange with elder page and elder Flores on Thursday. Friday we did service at Operation Gratitude as a mission. Sunday we had the familia lino in church again and they want to feed us next Sunday after church for lunch. Everyone wants to feed us. We have an hermana that is feeding us on Monday and on Saturday, it's fun. We save a lot of money on food.

It was nice to give you a five minute call to say goodbye to Matt. Thank you presidente Henrie. This is really all I have to say about this week.

Oh, one more thing. I skinnied a tie. I took a tie that was fat (from left to right it was way to wide) and made it a nicer tie by opening it up, cutting the fabric that goes in the tie and then sewing it up again. And it doesn't look half bad. I'm going to practice it some more and then I'm going to be a very cheep tie buyer.


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to Serve my King