March 7, 2016, Weekly update

This weeks was pretty un-eventful,

Hi mom,

We did a lot of knocking to start the week, but due to weekly planning and medical problems on one side or the other, we spent a lot of time in the apartment. Nothing serious on either part and I'd rather not talk about what's going on and the less people that know the better, so (to everyone but those i've told) please don't bug my parents. Just know it's all fine and I'm loving the mission.

On Saturday, we were fed three times. Breakfast by our investigators (the familia Lino, who have a fecha for the 27 of this month, Please pray for them) and by two members who are the best. The hremana Corona and the familia Ortega. While we were eating with the familia Ortega, they started setting me up with the youngest sister of elder Lucero. I got pretty red and it was awkward.

That's really all that happened this week.


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to Serve my King