November 16, 2015, Good bye Redseda, Hello Arleta

hi mom,

This week was really fun. We started it with Operation Gratitude and a hair cut. Both were fun, but I think I enjoyed Operation Gratitude more. You saw the pictures, there was music and I love to dance, so take a guess at what I did. We then had a party for our investigators Birthday that night (Tuesday) and it was really fun.

Wednesday we did more service (actually in my new area... Interesting) we helped move a recent convert (of the hermanas in Reseda) out of her apartment. After that we did an exchange with the District leader. I went with Elder Engle in their area and Elder Flores came here with Elder Weinheimer. We found a super cool new investigator named W* and she said to come back tonight, BAPTISM FOR THE DISTRICT LEADER!

Thursday we had district meeting and then this lovely miracle (KO means knock out, which is a two hour blitz the whole mission that we start with prayer and then we just knock apartment, this means that every missionary is knocking from 4-6 and says a prayer at 3;55 to ask for guidance)

Ko miracle coming your way!!

Got to ko a little late due to district meeting and an exchange and we didn't know exactly where to go, so we just started walking to an apartment we haven't been able to get into before. We couldn't get into it, so we started walking to a part of our area that is more English and found out that some of the apartments in this complex are accessible from the side, so we knocked two doors and found a family of 2 we are now teaching and have accepted baptism when they know the truth. #milagro!#tlpporelespiritu#kobythespirit!!!!

Cool part of that miracle that we didn't send to the mission. The family is from Puebla. One of my dreams is to baptize (or help convert) someone from Puebla, mx. Pray for them please.

Friday was weakly planning (because Tuesday and Wednesday were service and Thursday we had District Meeting) after Planning, we Knocked Out and found another family from Puebla, Also super cool. They had the best Navidad decorations our (we got pictures, and a return appointment on Tuesday) and the cutest baby... the kid was cool to (they had a puppy and a human baby... it's a bad joke... LAUGH!) We also taught Famiia G* (our Fechas)

Saturday, we got HATE and LOVE. We walked the streets for about an hour and a half and we got Hated on HARD. Someone wanted a Bible, another person just hated that we smiled and nodded at her. We then were passed by two skaters that "wanted" to talk about Jesus (they were making fun of us). We then finally started getting some love.  A family from BYU gave us a thumbs up and we found someone who was interested enough to talk. As we were talking a man pulled up to the light (we were at a intersection) and started pumping us up by shouting at us from the window of his car. He then tried to help us in the contact, saying "Listen to them, their message is really important!" which would have been great, but the man didn't speak English, so he didn't understand what was shouted. Next, a bunch of RMs drove by and started cheering and bolstering our spirits, I think one was Hermana Blankenship (she was my first Sister Training Leader in Van Nuys and then trained her last two), so that was cool (don't know for sure). Literally right after the RMs, some man told us to go home.

After that we just started walking home and ran into Crhistmass (please accept his friend request on Facebook, He's super funny and could actually be a helpful person in my career choice). We'd actually met this man two times before and he's still just as crazy, but now we know he's a singer (legit) and he is about to make it big. He said his dead line is the 1st week of May, so I might have just made friends with a 65k-inar... cool.

We then got transfer calls and our minds blown at the same time. I'm leaving (going to where we did service on Wednesday) and Elder Weinheimer's going on 9 month in his first ward (he's also training, which we learned today). He's excited to be here for Christmas, but it might be Christmass, I'm not completely sure. We then ran by Hermana Cabrera (a member from my area in Van Nuys) we shared a quick scripture and then left with a two liter bottle of Sprite... I was happy. We then had dinner with C* (luicitos mom) and Hermano G*. It was good. Then we had another dinner with Hermanita G*, but it wasn't that good, and she didn't have a man, so we took it to go and then got rid of it (don't tell her).

Sunday was normal. We had the primary program, and it was really good. I packed almost everything and we took a lot of pictures. We then did knock out and learned that we have a fee soda place in our area, it kind of sucks that I'm leaving the area, but hay, no temptation. We then had dinner with C* again and after that we'd planed to teach Familia G*, but they canceled, so I don't have any pictures with them. hopefully I can get some to night, but if not, I'll do it at their baptism on the 13th.

This morning I finished packing all that I could and then while e-mailing a man asked us questions about the church, so we gave him our number and the church websites so he can learn more. It was fun. That about it for now.

Con amor,

Elder Michael Blanding.

Called to Serve my King

p.s. Don't worry about how you pray or how long, just the quality of the prayer.