November 23, 2015, Endure to the end (missionary style)

Hi mom,

The title just came to mind and I HAD to use it.

This week was SOOOO LONG! but it was worth it!

Naturally we started with a preparation day last Monday. I spent the first 2-2:30 hours washing and packing my clothes and then we did the day. At the end of the day all of our citas fell through, so we ran by the Familia G* and said good bye. I even got some pictures with them.

a family with Elder Michael Blanding

a family with Elder Michael Blanding

Tuesday was long, we spent all day in meetings getting ready for Transfers. During transfer meeting, president Henrie has us do a "Get to Know the New Missionaries/Their Trainers" for the which he has an elder act like a talk show host and make stupid comments that are sooo funny. This transfer we got only one hermana (sister English) and 15 Elders, so his first comment was (I joke you not) "I bet people in the airport were like 'I thought Polygamy worked the other way around?'" The Chapel burst out laughing at that. We then came back to my new apartment (i'd moved pretty much across the street, so I just put my stuff in there earlier.) and did some quick Daily contact and taught our most promising investigators.

We then spent the rest of the week doing daily contact and trying to teach people, for the which we were invited to a birthday fiesta and had cake and pizza right before a member dinner, and it looks like this week is going to be just as bad.

On Thursday, I found out I'm part of the LAPD (Los Angeles Perfect District) and then we ran to more appointments.

Saturday, we had the Thanksgiving feast and OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME! We invited everyone to church we could and we had 3 investigators show up and 2 of them brought family (same family, but still cool).

Sunday, we had people come to church! It was hemrano G*. He's so cool. After Priesthood, he was detained by the Elders Quorum President for almost all of Prencipios and then after sacrament we set up a cita with them and the Elders quorum President invited himself along. We weren't arguing. This Ward is so fantastic. They fellowship without being asked. We then did knockout and we were a little discouraged. We'd gone all week talking to everyone that moved and couldn't get anyone to listen to us. We had plans for 6:15 in a different part of our area but we wanted to finish strong, so we entered this apartment complex and Elder Jager (my new Companion) walked up the stairs and started knocking. We kept getting the same answers, Not interested or GO AWAY. As we were knocking, we saw this one house where they were watching "La Banda" (Think American Idle, but in Spanish). We had only 5 minutes left, but we knocked the door of La Banda and asked, "Can we share a message about how God's called a new Prophet?" (in Spanish, obviously), and they said YES!!!!?!!!! So we came in. they turned off the T.V. (with out being asked) and we taught the restoration. At the end they said to come back next Sunday and agreed to baptism after they know it's true. MIRACLE 8 NEW INVESTIGATORS! #ENDURETOTHEENDMISSIONARYSTILE. They were our only find this week and they will go all the way to baptism.

That's it for the week

Con amor,

Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve my King.