April 6, 2015, GENERAL CONFERENCE ('nough said)

Hi Mom,

Thank you SOOOO much for sharing that Post with me.

[personal stuff] You are the best mom in the whole wide world. Dad is the best Dad in the whole wide word. The prophets promise us things but God can't make us do what He asks us to. It's his greatest blessing and gift to his children. It's the same gift that he asks us to give (and you have) to our children. I wish I could be home right now to help with Chris and Matt and Kray and Jason and Jessie (if I was, I'd challenge them all to work out with us to see if they could beat me and you, hint, they can't) but more than that, I want to be out here serving the Lord with all my heart might mind and strength. I know that #becausehelives (#graciasaqueElvive) I can see my Grandma again, I can be forgiven of sin, I can work miracles and be healed. Most important, I know he loves me and will never leave me.

I really do LOVE YOU ALL. I LOVE MY SAVIOR AND REDEEMER, JESUCRISTO. I'm out here doing his errand and he will fulfill all his promises. I will have the strength I need to be out here and he will never let me fail.

A quick experience I had on Easter Sunday, Elder Joyner (My companion) and I were walking down a road that, normally, we never are on to a destination so far that, normally, we'd have biked there. We were walking because Elder Joyner's bike had gotten a flat at conference (just being locked up) and as such, we didn't have bikes. As we walked a little puppy (Not as cute as Roxy but almost as cute as Alex) started following us. The puppy had escaped from his yard and a concerned neighbor (who normally works on Sundays) was trying to chase him down to put him back. The Puppy eventually escaped back into the yard, but he allowed us a chance to talk to this young woman about the Sabbath day (thankfully Elder Russell M. Nelson had just talked about it to end the Conference session, and conference for that matter) (Side note, I think you all could study this a bit and I'd like to hear what you all learn, from each and every one of you by your own e-mail. I will be following up on Monday). We talked to her about the importance of the Sabbath Day and for part of it I was impressed to share this with her, and I think it applies well to any principle of the Gospel when it comes to obedience. (I don't remember my exact words, but here goes) "Following God can be scary, that's why we need to have faith. God gives us commandments and asks that we follow him. When we do we have his promise that he will protect and guide us. He will always do his part, but he may leave us to wander on our own for a bit. He want's to see if we will be faithful to him." (Italics added) HE WILL ALWAYS COME THROUGH IF WE FOLLOW HIM. (New saying for you, Mom (or maybe it's old and I just remembered it) "Obedience is an act of Love" (#believeinmiracles)

As for more conference topics that you should look at again, for Jason maybe the talk by the sister in Saturday morning would be good. Mom, your one of the selfless servants spoken of by Elder Michael T Ringwood. The four main topics, or things I thought where most important for me to learn and do from the fist day (SAT and Priesthood) where 1) Cacarme (ask Jason for translation, I don't know how to spell it) and Family are the most important things to this plan of happiness. 2) Teach by and follow the spirit of Reverence, Children (or investigators/members) learn by your example 3) Consecration is the same as conversion, we need to live our religion in our daily lives. 4) DO YOUR DUTY... ENOUGH SAID.

With the end being conference, the rest of the week was pretty dull. We had a lot of meetings this week, so we didn't do much in terms of talking and teaching, mostly just spiritual learning, and a lot of it. S* went to conference again!!! I stayed in English this time to understand better, (last time I only watched the last session in Spanish) but I feel like I could do a pretty good job understanding it in Spanish. I kept being distracted when the Spanish speaking General Authorities would speak in Spanish because I could hear a little under the translation and the translation wasn't perfect. I think S* got a big dose of the spirit right after conference. We had a lesson at 8 and to end she gave a super humble prayer. We're pushing for the fecha a little harder now.

Less spiritual side of things, I need more workouts. I'm doing the last round this week for the month. the amount of equipment used is just fine, I'm sure I can find weight some in every apartment.  As well, could I sign up for a Costco membership online or do I have to go to the store? I'm thinking of getting one if President Hall gives the "Go-A-Head"

Return and Report

Weight 175!!!!! I dropped three all week!!!! I really did give away the bar, I have a picture of him eating it I'll send your way when the website starts working again. All the Hemana's are asking me for weight loss tips, I wish I had good advice for them, but I don't really know how I did it other then Elder Garcia and I really study La Palabra de Sabaduria for S* and latter I studied it a second time.

Spanish 7/7!!!!

Love Elder Blanding