March 31, 2015, Bike Problems, Conferencia General, Service, Exchanges...did I miss anything?

Hi Mom

Sorry, yesterday was a holiday that I didn't know existed (I still don't even know what it's called or what was celebrated).

This week was super fun. To start, we had a lesson with N* and K*, and they accepted a Fecha for the 3rd of mayo! That was Monday.

On Tuesday we had district meeting, nothing much happened there except Elder Houmand promised us Slurpees if we could get 15 investigators to church... I'll tell you how we did when I get to Sunday. We then started going to lessons, but at like 3:50 S* texted us asking if we could come by at 4:30 for lunch and to teach her daughter, G*. We said "of course," (after we heard about lunch;) (not really)), so we ran there and had a quick lunch. At the end, G* joined us and S* brought out cookies. Luckily G* wanted them, so we just sat there this time while she ate and tried to figure out if she's actually interested, I don't think so. After that we just talked some more, we had plans but they all fell through.

Wednesday we started with service at city hall. It was cool, because the mayor was there making a broadcast, so we cleaned the front steps and then got as far away as possible to keep the noise down and not disrupt the broadcast. After the service, we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I stayed with elder Kimball and Elder Joyner left with Elder Houmand. We ran by S* and taught about the importance of Church and the blessings we get from going to church. After S*, we ran to F*, an investigator, but he wasn't there, so we talked in the street on the way to a members house for dinner. The member was an Hermana, and her son wasn't home yet, so we took the food to the church and ate it before coordination meeting that night. Coordination was pretty normal. After we ran by a recent Convert in the new area, but it was late and I knew who's house it was, so we ran to a referral, talking to people on the way. We talked to a woman from Puebla, but she wasn't ready, and the referral wasn't there, so we biked home. On the way home, we stopped for one last opportunity to find, and it was really funny. It was a couple of brothers and (I assume) their dates. When we pulled up the oldest brother freaked out and made a brake for it. Everyone started cracking up and we explained that we weren't cops. Long story short (to late) they weren't interested but it was a fun conversation.

Thursday we ended the exchange, had the apartment inspected (guess what mom, I clean up good;)) and planned for the next week. After that we had another lesson with N* and K* and they said they were coming to Church. We then taught S* and then ran to L* and B*. That was pretty much it, normal day. We did invite L* and B* to fast for the Divorce this week.

Friday's were it gets fun. We had service for the city that day on a street that was crazy far from the apartment. So we bike out there and clean up the street and all that fun stuff. All the elders in our district where there, so we talked about home and what we did before the mission, a few plans were made for surprise turn-ups at home-comings, all that fun stuff. At the end of the service, the woman in charge went to get us all pizza. This wouldn't have been as big of a problem if we'd have known it was going to happen before we made and at lunch before service. I ate like a whole pizza on my own and then we started biking home. On the way home, by back tire got a flat, se we started walking and called the zone leaders for a ride (because we'd barely left the service when this happened). I decided to fix the tire on Monday, so we walked for the rest of the week. We also had a dinner with Hermano Jerez, and I was still so full from the pizza that I could barely finish a plate, usually when we eat at Hermano Jerez's I eat seconds. We shared Because He Lives (in Spanish it's Gracias a que El (accent over the 'e') vive) and then we walked to V*, who wasn't there, so we went home and called it a night.

Saturday was a bit of a let down. We wanted to take L* and B* to the temple, but they canceled on us Friday. We did have a lunch from Hermana R* C* (she's the grandma of R*, our dry member) (yes, she's a member) She gave us some really good sandwiches and a cheese cake for desert. We took the cheese cake home and it's right now sitting in the fridge. We then started looking for members and investigators. We didn't have much luck here, but we saw S* and she said she was going to Conference that night! We spent the rest of the day talking to people and trying to find an investigator, but nothing panned out, so we walked home and called it a night.

Sunday was Church. We almost didn't even have time for studies, but we called the appointments and they either canceled or didn't want to talk, so we just walked home after church and did studies. After studies we ran to S* and had dinner with her and a quick lesson, mostly we just shared Gracias a que El vive and tried to point her to the things that will help her receive her answer.

That's about it for the week. Oh, yah. We didn't quite hit 15 at church as a district. we had 11 investigators at church as a district and of those 11 Elder Joyner and I had six!


Dias de espanol 7/7

Peso (on Monday) 178lbs (now it's 175)

Other things, thanks to LYTTS for the package, but did you really have to send the Symphony Bar? I'm giving it to Elder Jensen tomorrow so I don't have to eat it. If you want to send me snacks, Protein Bars, granola Bars, and Pop-Corn are always accepted. Candy... only on my birthday and Christmas, please. This dieting is hard enough with the members (and S*) feeding me everything, I don't need it from home.


Elder Michael Blanding