November 17, 2014, Week of Let downs, week of work

Hi mom, 

It's been a real hard week, And don't tell me it's cold there, I miss the cold.

We started the week by getting what was needed to fix my bike, it wasn't much. We then went and bought the necessities, the Costco run saved us a bundle because we didn't need much to make it through this week.

We found a ton of new investigators and were planning on 18 of the investigators we have (They are almost all families) coming to church. Unfortunately only three made it in the end. 

Being sick took a lot out of me this week. I couldn't focuses on Tuesday during District meeting, and it was really hard to get going again after that. We spent a lot of time in lessons, but getting members there is a struggle. NEVER SAY NO TO HELPING THE MISSIONARIES WITH A LESSON. Epically if it is missionaries of your gender, they might not be able to teach them without you there. We actually spent most our time in lessons after we finished our studies up until studies.

We also spent a lot of time finding the members in our area. We are supposed to spend Thanksgiving in the members homes in our area, but they're all either less active or we don't know where to find them. 

Elder Garcia still expects perfection from me, it can be a little annoying sometimes, but it makes me work hard. I'm learning the language better and becoming more comfortable, but it's still an uphill battle. We did real bad with Spanish this week, only one day, but this week coming up we'll do better.

We had a lot of lessons with S*. She's so close to baptism. Her Fecha (Date) for baptism is this Sunday and we only have one mandamiento (commandment) and las leys y ordinansas (Laws and Ordinances) left. She believes that we worship the prophet, so we have to teach that one. She could be ready by Sunday if she would just study on her own and stop asking questions that don't matter and aren't true. She also goes out of town for Thanksgiving and won't be back for a week, so she would have two weeks with out the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we're trying to decide whether to go with the fecha set or to postpone for a couple of weeks. 

UPDATE ON THE IPADS. If we get iPads this year we will get them the first week of December. For this reason I don't want to set up a time right now to Skype, because if I get an iPad before it becomes a lot easier to set up a call. All I need is WiFi. also set up a time with Jason first and I'll try and work it out over on this end. I'd love to have a little bit of an over lap with Jason. It feels like I haven't seen him in years and what better way for me to practice Spanish then with a missionary in Mexico.

 return and report

Libras; 182.4 that's 3.2 less!!!!!

Spanish; 1 day:( 

Missionary work invite (please return and report)

Go out with the missionaries one day


Elder Blanding 

Thank you and I love you all