November 10, 2014, Church Attendance, Miracle Finding, Families, Families, Families

Hi mom.

I love that you are thinking about missionary work. I'm going to speak more on this later.

So, Elder Garcia and I had a FANTASTIC week. WE had six investigators at church!! we almost had 12, but L*, one of our investigators with a fecha (Date) for Baptism, didn't have a car because B*, her boyfriend who also has a fecha for baptism, had to go into work and it would have been to hard to walk to church with her young daughters (Yes she thought about that) and a new family, Familia A*, where sick and slept through the alarm. We are going to fill the chapel next week!!!!!! Familia C* came to church for the 2nd time (YES) and we changed their date/made one for the 25th of January. With this date it is very possible I will be there for the baptism and not the confirmation, because transfers is that Tuesday and it isn't likely that I'll be transferred out this up coming round in December because that's the one that Elder Garcia goes home in. He's putting in so much work to get his family, and he goes home before he can see the fruit, and he is still working for it. Hermana C*, the mom, watched the restoration video on and got supper pumped. She seems a lot more solid now. She's also believes that I look like Joseph Smith. 

This area is so prepared. We are finding nothing but families right now, and they are all supper solid. We had one day where we went to look for an investigator we'd lost but we couldn't find her, so we began knocking doors. That's how we found Familia A* and we also found a woman from Puebla (I need to know where Jason is/has been so I can talk to her about it) and her family.

We taught S* the Word of Wisdom this week. We felt a little chastised by the spirit so we have committed to live the Word of Wisdom as a companion ship. We failed pretty bad this week because we had the Six Week Training with President Hall and we kind of over ate.

 Elder Garcia and I are sick, so a few prayers for our health would be greatly appreciated.

Return and report time.

I still lost 1 lib (FYI Lib is short for the Spanish word "libra" which means pound) so I now weigh 185.6 libs. my goal is 160-165 before I start working for muscles.

hablada 5 dias en espanol (I spoke five days in Spanish)!!!!!!! We're going for a whole week this week, but we had four straight days in Spanish :D

Time to give you an assignment. I promised my self that I would give you (and by you I mean ya'll) an assignment to do missionary work that can be measured and reported every week from now to the end of my mission. I do expect a report.

This week's assignment is to invite three friends to lesson to the missionaries.

Christmas package/next card.

We are getting ipads real soon, which means that we won't be going to the library every week to do emailing (Yah) but it also means that we won't have a real keyboard to do emailing with. If you could send me an iPad keyboard that would make emailing much better.

Also, It's a thing to have ugly Christmas sweaters in this mission. If you could find one in the ward that someone doesn't want and send it to me in the package that would be cool, DON'T BUY ONE, IT'S NOT THAT IMPORTANT. 

In the next card you send me, could you add a copy of my Patriarchal Blessing. I'm kind of missing it and would love a chance to reread it. Thank you.


Elder Michael Blanding