November 24, 2014, Activity, missionary department and much, much, more

Hi mom.

I'll answer the questions at the bottom but...

This week was the best. We had a thanksgiving vario (Ward) activity on Saturday. Elder Garcia and I might have over eat a little, but we were celebrating because, we had so many investigators attend the activity, and all of them have Fechas (Dates). S* came and sat with Elder Neff and Elder Blakely, the Zone Leaders. L* also came and brought her whole family, B* had to work, so he didn't make it to church ether:( V* also came and she brought her kids and their friends. It was real hard to sit with them. I turned back into the garbage disposal and after I felt awful. I couldn't even stand up straight. 

The day before the activity, S*'s daughter came to town from San Francisco, where she is attending college. We taught her the first little bit of the Restoration and then we went to a lesson with V*. We made a calendar and then we had to run because that day we were being driven around by the Missionary Department.

So about the Missionary Department. We were picked to be observed for a day by a representative of the Missionary Department, Sister Porter. Apparently, they like to pick on me. It was really cool. She came to nightly planning on Thursday and then we did studies Friday at the church so she could come and watch us do companionship study. it was super weird, but kind of cool. We then got treated to lunch by the Missionary Department, so we had to make it good. We'd gotten an advert for a new Chinese place on Sherman way a day or two before, but we figured we were never going there, so we tore it up and threw it in the trash. We dug it out and it was so worth it. it's kind of like Golden Chopsticks, only it's called Dan's Kitchen. It was really cool because Sister Porter served her mission in Taiwan (how ever you spell that) and talked to the server in Chinese. After that she dropped us at home and we walked to S*'s for the lesson. S* asked to meet her after, which is really new. They talked for a bit and I found out that you don't have to worry, S*'s going to take real good care of us. So Sister Porter dropped us off at V*'s and then joined us for the rest of the night. She can't speak Spanish but she could follow it and read it pretty well, so we read with Familia C* (because they need to read) and went finding (because our other lessons fell through). At the end of the day Sister Porter took a few pictures of us and sent them to us (I'll forward them shortly) and then said "I can see that you have {The Missionary] Propose written on your hearts". Elder Garcia and I got so pumped to hear that.

I walked into a fire hydrant on Wetness. it was fun. I couldn't walk for a little bit and biking was agony. I've got a really nice bruise on my leg now. We also ate at least 12 Eggo waffles a piece Tuesday, so we're sick of them and have recommitted to eating healthy. 

Sunday was good to. V*, S* and L* all came. It was awesome. V* has these two little boys she calls her "monstritos" which translated means little monsters. They were so fun to watch at church and Elder Garcia and I are in love with them. We also went out with Obispo Hernandez (The Bishop) and a new Hemano, Aron. I went with Aron to V*'s and then finding and then we went to Obispo's for dinner. The District was doing a fast for an hemano K* (the secretary of ward mission work), and so Elder Garcia and I broke it in style. 

Return and Report.

Weight loss up 0.4 libs. This is actually really good because I had like two pounds to lose after the activity to stay within the same weight range.

Spanish (Drum role please) ALL WEEK!!!!

Missionary assignment.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, share one thing about the Gospel you are grateful for with five friends. (Your whole family only counts as one). 

1) iPad mini, and I think they are providing covers for them.

2) Not yet, we're really busy so it's hard to find time for that.

3) Probably best to refill them all. It was a cold and if I tell you something that could be bad, It's probably really nothing at all. If it is something to make your worry, I wont tell you.


5) Send all packages to the office anyway, the apartment is really hard to get because we work all day outside which means we miss the mail. I can't think of anything except one of the dogs, your choice which one ;)

6) Yes we have a really good CD player, just send me all the music that is Mission appropriate, especially Christmas, I promises to listen to it all

BTW—Sorry, my espanol is showing. In Spanish all the vowels only have one sound and "I" makes the "E" sound.

Love Elder Michael Blanding.

P.S. Mom, STOP FREAKING OUT. we have a book in the mission field called "Adjusting to Missionary Life." It's all about managing stress. One of the most common ideas is take things one step at a time. I'm sharing this idea with you now. Priorities your life and say, "All I have to do right now is___." This is going to sound weird coming form me, but studies come first. Get ready for your test and forget about cleaning out the sewing room and Christmas. Matt, Chris, and Jessie are there to help. You don't need to hire a wife they just need to step up and see that you need their help right now. 

P.P.S. Matt, Chris, and Jessie. GIVE MOM A HAND. She's trying to get ready for her life after we all leave the nest, and that (sorry mom) is real soon. So step up and help. Be in charge of your life. Cook dinner, do Christmas, clean up, Find/give rides so Mom has a break, and most important, STUDY, college and schooling are expensive. If all of this is too hard, and trust me, it you think this is hard you don't know hard, at least don't add to her stress levels.

P.P.P.S. Dad, be good to Mom. She needs your support now more then ever. Don't add problems she doesn't need. 

P.P.P.P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LETTERS. I've already read my Patriarchal Blessing like ten times and I still don't know what it's telling me. mostly what I'm getting is work had and trust the Lord.