September 29, 2014 The Song of the Righteous is a Prayer unto Me

Hey y'all.

This week was full of weird things. first we went on divisions with the zone leaders and while I was with on of them he had an interview with President Christensen. later that night he got a call from the president and his PARENTS. he has been having a lot of problems with his health recently (his knees are shot) and the final decision of all these talks are that he is going home in two weeks. he is from the same generation as I am so that means that he is going home at 20 months instead of 24. I was hard when an elder goes home early. also that same day I heard of another elder who went home early. also for knee problems. He lives in Woodinville (yes that Woodinville). you should ask my president for his address to go visit him. Hopefully he will be coming back but who knows. 

this week we also participated in a choir for a stake activity (see the letter to President Christensen for more info). It was nice to sing in a choir again.

President Christensen,

This week our recent convert invited one of his friends to come to church and he came!! It was really cool to see someone invite someone else to church. it can be amazing that someone who only has a month as a member of the church is quicker to invite people to church than people who have been members the majority of their lives.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to sing as part of the stake activity. I really love to sing and it was really nice to have another opportunity after over a year of not being able to. I love just seeing the faces of the people in the audience and how they react to a few people expressing their feelings in song. I remember looking once at yours and Sister Christensen's faces and all I remember are your smiles. Thank you for letting us participate.

Elder Blanding

Elder Jason Blanding.