September 22, 2014 5 left

In 5 more months I will be home... I can't bear to think about it. things go way too fast out here. honestly I start to think about it and I start to feel bad. 

SOOOO. This week we had a zone conference. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I love zone conferences and this one was especially good. President taught us some awesome new stuff about how to teach with POWER. He also taught about the atonement but it didn't really have a whole lot of new information for me (he used a lot of things from the Infinite Atonement). The hard part is that I did the math and I only have ONE zone conference left in my mission. I realized this because in every zone conference they have the missionaries who are going home before the next one to give a short testimony and I saw people who should be one group before me to go home (should because they are going early because of BYU) go up. It gave me a creepy feeling when it hit me. 

We haven't been having a whole lot of success recently. It has been hard to find new people to teach and the majority that we have been able to find don't seem very interested. The area is a little hard but we keep working. We are also now well into the rainy season. It rains every day without fail. So it can be hard to find people in the streets. We are going to keep on trying and see what we can do to find more people.

President Christensen.

The zone conference was awesome!! Thank you very much. I learned a lot and I really want to practice a lot until I can really get a hang on the new stuff you taught us about "EnseƱar con Poder." I do have a quick question for you though. I tried to use it a few days ago when we were on divisions but almost every time I tried to ask a question to know more the member started to speak and changed the subject before I could say anything. What can I do to have more control of the lessons in these types of circumstances? I can't just ignore what they say or tell them to be quiet and I feel extremely rude if I just try to cut them off by talking over them. I feel that controlling the lesson is one of the hardest parts of being able to put these new techniques in practice. If you can't keep the lesson on topic very long it would seem imposable to really get to the bottom of someones beliefs and, ultimately resolve them.

Elder Blanding.