October 6, 2014 Conference!!


Conference this week was amazing. They talked about a lot of very cool things but the over all themes I pulled out were; 

1: Decision making (for success) 
2: Sustaining the prophet (and church leaders)
3: I need to read more... a lot more. (not really a theme but it really did stick with me)

The first point was a very hard one to swallow because it made me think to much on the fact that in just over 4 months I will be home and have to make very important life decisions. speaking of which, I need to know if the BYU applications for spring is open. I am going to ask president for permission to get on the site to get it all done.

Over all I found a few things I need to get better at. Particularly when I get home but also here in the mission field.

Elder Jason Blanding.

President Christensen,

Conference was amazing!! They answered a lot of my personal questions. I found that too much of this conference was focused on making life decisions which is something I don't want to think about yet... but they also planched (excuse my Spanglish, I can't think of a good English word for it) me on that. 

I really hope that we can finish this change strong. It is hard to believe that another change has already come and gone. Time is going too fast. I feel like there isn't enough time to do everything I still want to do. I am learning a lot but not fast enough. the only thing that seems to be fast is the rate of time going by.

Elder Blanding.