May 19, 2014

so this week will be a short Email because we haven't had much time to do almost anything today. I hate it when this happens but it does at times.

This week we had a fair amount of success. we found a ton of people to teach. almost 20 people!! the only problem is that we haven't been able to get members to go with us in any fashion. We have had divisions planned every day this week but then the members haven't shown up for one reason or another. we are trying to think of a way to resolve the problem but the only thing we can think of is to arrange them ourselves (the ward mission leader arranged them this week so we aren't sure where the mishap was). we hope this will resolve the problem. 

At times it can be hard to be a missionary and easy to feel discouraged. I know I've felt that way at times. The one thing that I have found that gives the necessary energy to keep on working is knowing that there is someone out there waiting for YOU and only YOU. If you think that way then you will always have the energy to keep on working, keep on talking to people and keep on helping people come unto Christ.

The C M family came to church this week!! it was awesome!! they are so much fun to teach. We explained the commandment of keeping the Sabbath day Holy this week and committed them to come to church... and they came!! I love seeing people come unto Christ.  

Elder Jason Blanding.