May 12, 2014

so I realized about 10 minutes after we ended the call yesterday that I never wished you a happy mothers day. so here it is....

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!

I hope that covers it.

well I basically said everything that is going on here yesterday so I don't really know what to tell you all today.

Well you all looked good yesterday.

well I guess I'll repeat most of what I said yesterday about what is going on here (so mom doesn't kill me).

We are working with this one family right now and they are having a ton of problems. the husband is a less active (he hadn't been to church in something like 20 years and didn't even remember if he had been baptized) and the rest of the family aren't members. The husband has another woman with whom he had a kid (he isn't married to either of them). the whole family knows that he has two families (including his two wives). it is a large cause of why they are currently having marital problems. the wife also has two other kids (from before she was with him, she didn't cheat), one of witch is in jail. she goes to visit him basically every week... on Sunday :( and therefore won't be able to get baptized until next change (she says that she does want to). we are working a lot with the ward to help them right now. we are trying to stay in contact with them almost daily to be able to help them (we are doing pretty good so far). oh and this is the same family with which I had the prompting to visit last week.

I'm really liking the area and the ward. It is nice to see how when you really get down and work you can find people. two weeks ago when we divided the area we had only 2 or 3 families here in this half and now we have enough to fill our agendas every day (taking into account that we are trying to do devisions every day so we need twice the amount of people to be able to do that). It is amazing what the Lord gives us when we ask, and then work for it.

well that is about all I have for today...

Love you all.

Elder Jason Blanding.