May 26, 2014

If you can I would love if you included my snuggy in the package (if there is space of course). The houses here have no insulation (it literally doesn't exist, everything is made of brick or block and there isn't even room for insulation) and can get a little chilly in the mornings. I've been using my fleece blanket but that doesn't really leave much room for me to move my arms or use my hands.

oh and if you were going to send me some more lemonade mix don't bother. I still haven't opened the last one you sent me. 

Hey all. 

So this week we have been working hard. We had a special zone conference this week and also the District Leader training meeting so that meant that we lost almost two full days. I hate when we have to lose so much time because of travel. We didn't have as much success as we would have liked and no one came to church but there is always next week. I really want to know what it is that I'm not doing to be able to have more success. There must be something I haven't done yet.

well I can't really think of more to say right now. after over 14 months it all begins to become the same. day after day, week after week and month after month. 

Elder Jason Blanding.