January 27, 2014

so this week will be a short one because I only have a few minutes to write.

so we just got finished with some special zone conferences that we have been having for the last three weeks. it was very cool. we learned a lot of better ways to work. now my goal is to put them all in practice (and not for just a few weeks). I am very thankful that our mission president is willing to take so much time out of his schedule to give us training individually.

this week has been a rather good one. we still have a lot more that we can be doing, but over all things are looking up. two less actives came to church this week! that was awesome. we also had our first good coordination meeting. it was nice that we are finally starting to work together (something we have yet to do up to this point in the branch). we also had our first real branch council meeting (the first one was last week but all they talked about was what a branch council meeting is and who needs to be there). I wish that we could just wave a magic wand and all of a sudden everything worked like it should but it doesn't work that way. the good thing is that we are now on the right track.

in response to all the people who think that it is hot here I include the attached photo. this is what I have to do almost every morning to keep from freezing to death. (not exactly, I don't usually have the hood up or the hat on but everything else it 100% accurate)

Elder Blanding

It's cold in Mexco!

It's cold in Mexco!