January 20, 2014

Hey every one!!

I just want to start off with a resonating cry of "GO HAWKS!!!!!!!! " 1st Super Bowl since the "Cinderella season" and this time we aren't going in as the under dogs. In two weeks I hope to see a front page of the Seattle Times saying "SEATTLE SEAHAWKS WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!!" or its equivalent. 

This week we had a few lessons but still no one came to church. why is it so hard? why can't they just come when they say they will come? oh well we just have to try harder this week. We have a few Investigators with baptismal dates but they won't come to church so they might not get baptized on their dates. it is a very sad situation. 

I got a few packages and cards this week and I would like to say thank you to everyone who sent me something. It is always nice to get something as a missionary. It can get rather lonely out here. I read it a few times in some of the letters I got that it must be so nice and warm here. I would like to clarify one thing... IT'S NOT! If you have heard anything of Puebla or Tlaxcala (the other state that the mission covers) it can get quite cold here. even more so in my area because I am right next to the volcano La Malinche (don't worry it is a dormant volcano). during the day it can feel hot if you are in the sun (it is very strong here and burns quickly, being up high and relatively close to the equator will do that, well not really close but closer than Seattle), but at night and early in the morning it gets very cold.


Elder Blanding.