February 4, 2014

So I am writing today because we went to the "Africam Safari" yesterday and didn't get back to our area until almost 6 pm. it was awesome! we had to get special permission to go because it is in the south mission (this makes twice that we have gotten permission to go to the south mission). 

I want to really start off with a resounding cry of GO HAWKS!!!!!! when I found out yesterday that we had won, 43-8, I was off the wall!! first Seahawk super bowl win in history!! (and I didn't get to see it;( ) I hope you keep the recording for another year so I can watch it. If you would be so kind to buy me a commemorative jersey and send it to me :D that would be awesome. 

This week was a great week. we were able to teach a few lessons, find new investigators and even get the family we have with a baptismal date to church. I would probably say that number wise this was the best week of my mission up to date (I haven't checked to verify that but I feel like it was). I just hope that this wasn't a phenomenon and was instead the starting of a new leaf in the area. we just need to get the couple married (they are waiting on some papers they need) and they can get baptized in two more weeks (they only need to come twice more before they can get baptized). We also found a new investigator this week. we have an appointment with her later today and we hope she will have gotten an answer about The Restoration. If she keeps progressing she will be the first baptism I get from a contact (I don't count the Espinoza family (my last baptism in √Ālamos) because they contacted us). I just hope that we can get this area into a baptizing area while I am here because I really want to leave it a lot better than when I found it.

Oh and today are the cambios [changes] and we are staying put.

Elder Blanding

Elder Blanding In Puebla

Elder Blanding In Puebla