September 9, 2013

If you think that time has gone by fast you haven't seen anything. For me it has seemed like I went to sleep the day Brandon went to Brazil and woke up with him coming home and me having 6 months in the mission. I can still remember some of the things that were said during his farewell party. It has been weird thinking about how little time I feel like I have and how much I really do have here in the mission. Next thing you know I will be the one who is coming home. 

Well this week we had more of the same... people not being home or not following through on their commitments. We won't be able to have a baptism this transfer because nobody came to church on Sunday. I have learned to dread Sundays here because it is the day when we find out if all the work we did during the week did anything. This Sunday the answer was no. We had quite a few people tell us that they were going to come but they didn't come... that is the worst part, when they say they will come and then don't. And we can't figure out what we can do better. We thought about trying to offer a ride but we don't have a way to do that. Some even live right next door but they still don't come. One of the families we are teaching is catholic and they have mass every Sunday at 12... our services are at 12. We don't even know what to tell them because we can't tell them they need to go to church (they are) and we can't be rude and tell them that their church is wrong. 

This week we had a lot of rain. It rained almost every day this week (I think maybe not on Thursday or Friday) but it wasn't just rain... it was a downpour. It rained so hard that the streets were rivers (see attachment, this was Monday night) and we couldn't get to some of our appointments. We got soaked those days. On Tuesday we almost avoided it. We were coming home from the church at about 9:30 and while we were walking home it started to rain. We only live about 3-4 minutes from the church (walking) but by the time we got home we were drenched. If I didn't have an umbrella and a rain jacket on I would have been drenched from head to foot in a matter of seconds. As it was I could squeeze my pants against my leg and water would come out. 

Elder Blanding


River or road? 

River or road?