September 2, 2013

Cool news about the sounders. I really hope that they do well this year, and also actually win a game in the tournament. 

Oh and something you should know about Latin American culture is that they all have two last names. The first is the first last name of their dad and the second is the first last name of their mom. So if the last name is "Vazquez Gonzalez" than the dad is named Vazquez (insert some other last name here) and the mom is Gonzalez (insert some other last name here). Also the family goes by the first last name of the dad so it would be the family Vazquez (some times they use both). So the family that wrote you is the Rocha family not the Osorio family.

Great news about your cancer (or lack there of). What does 5 years mean again? I know it is a big deal but I don't remember why.

So this week kind of sucked... we had almost no success what so ever (I will go so far as to say that it was the worst week of my mission so far). We also got some really bad news that I won't say any more about because I really don't want to think about it. (Don't worry it is just about someone in my area, not me). But I won't dwell on the bad anymore. 

I am liking my new companion so far. We have a lot of fun together while we are in the streets. The only hard part is that he doesn't speak a lick of English and so I go almost all week without speaking it. I had always wondered why all the Elders from the states spoke English together all the time but now I know. It is because we almost never have the chance to speak it during the rest of the week. 

Today we had a little bit of an adventure... We went into the south mission! It wasn't on purpose. We were trying to go to Centro (the center of the city) and myself and my companion went to Resurgimiento to meet up with the Elders that are there because we were going to go together. We got there just fine but when we all tried to go to Centro from there we took the wrong bus and ended up in the south mission. We called the Zone Leaders to help us figure out where to go to get back to our mission ( half of Centro is in their area, the other half is in the south mission) and they tried to help us figure it out. It didn't take to long to figure it out and we quickly got back to the mission but it was a weird felling being in the other mission. A little later while we were in Centro we ran into some missionaries from the south mission in our mission. We told them that they were in our mission and that they should probably go back to their own mission but I don't think they cared. I am glad that I am in a mission where the Elders are for the most part obedient (aka not the south mission).

Oh and before I forget... say hi to Alex and Roxy for me... and Happy Birthday Mom!!!! 

Elder Blanding

PS. the picture was lunch... not really, we just saw it in the street yesterday.


Elder Mendoza found "lunch". 

Elder Mendoza found "lunch".