September 16, 2013

Awesome news about the Seattle sports scene. 139.6 is really loud, I can only imagine what it would have been like to be there (pour ears). Who had/what was the record before? Where are the Seahawks in the standings right now? 

I got some more of your letters this week and one of them was interesting... it said "missent to Kenya" on the front. I got a big laugh out of it. What they said inside was good too.

This week we had a little more success than last week. We found two new families to teach!! We haven't taught them again yet but we have appointments with them this week. We will see what happens. We also had a stake activity this week because today is a very big day here in Mexico. Today is September 16th, it is like the 4th of July to them. Actually it is exactly that, their day of Independence. As a result we had a "Noche Mexicano" on Friday. We were actually one of the few companionships that was there. It is actually a funny story how we were able to go. The Stake President and the Mission President had a meeting a few days before the activity and they decided that they only wanted about 6-8 missionaries there (good thing because there were enough people there already) and they decided on the zone leaders, a companionship of sisters and the two other closest elders (not us). When we found out that we weren't going to be able to go we had to scramble a little bit because we had planed to bring our new converts to the event because they didn't know how to get there. We probably called every ward member with a car whose numbers we had but none of them could help us. So about 30 min. before we had to bring them to the activity we called the zone leaders telling them that we weren't able to find someone to help us bring them to the activity. The zone leaders told us that we could bring them and stay for a few hours to help them contact people (why there were any missionaries at all). So we went. 

How weird is is to know that Elder Howlett is comeing home in a week. Yes one week!!! It is super weird for me because it means that I have less time than I thought to be a missionary. Make sure to tell him to write me when he gets back.

Elder Blanding