July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Matt!!! (see recording)

[when I figure out how to upload recordings I will upload the one he sent] 

Hey ya'll,

So these last few weeks have been really awesome. We have family we have been working with basicly since I got to Mexico and they have wanted to get baptized since the very begining and have had about 6 diferent baptism dates but we kept needing to change them because to be able to be baptized you need to come to chruch twice and they hadn't. The most recent baptism date we put with them is for the 10th of August. we were so afraid that they wouldn't come and we would have to change the baptism date again BUT they came on Sunday so now they just need to come next Sunday and they can be baptized!!! it is so exiting to see people progressing like this.

We have a zone conference next week (the 7th) and more likely than not we will find out how the broadcast a few weeks ago will start to change things here. So stay tuned for the update.

I have almost filled my jornal so if you could send me another one that would be great. (doesn't have to be the same type)

Also they have changed some of the missionary dress standards, you can now wair light grey sutes and kaki pants. (check lds.org for the full list) they didn't change much but they did change some. You should cheak it out. Also the same 7 ties every week is getting a little old so the NEXT time you send me something maybe you should include some more ties. 

Elder Blanding.