March 23, 2013

This is sort of out of order--letter take a bit longer to get home than does email.

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the candy. (FYI we aren't allowed to chew gum in the MTC.) It snowed for a bit yesterday and it has been snowing all day today. IT IS AWESOME!! There is an Elder in my district who has never seen snow before (he was born in Brazil, lived in Haiti until he was 10 and then moved to Miami, Florida).  All the missionaries that grew up in Utah wish it wasn't snowing. I don't know what is wrong with them.

Yesterday was a really hard day. I "hit the wall" about an hour after lunch and had difficulty putting together coherent sentences in English let alone Spanish. Jackson was in our classroom after dinner yesterday (not to each us, sadly). I think the only reason I didn't just give up on trying to learn yesterday was a mix of your package, a chat I had (in English) with one of the teachers and running into Jackson after dinner.

Over all I am enjoying my time in the CCM (MTC). There have been a few moments like yesterday but those are the exception not the rule.

Love you all,
Elder Blanding