March 21, 2013

Jason's email from this week was short and to the point, but we got a hand written letter earlier in the week.  I think with the 5000+ missionaries that they have at the MTC computer time is highly regulated and scheduled.

His letter dated 3-15-13
Dear Everyone,

Thanks for the letters, they were nice. It is nice to hear from you all and that everything is going well.

I love it here. My district is awesome and I am picking up Spanish faster than I thought I would.

We finished teaching the first investigator (R*) they give you here at the MTC. It was an interesting experience.  Because we didn't really know much Spanish on our first lesson, we weren't able to communicate much and so we didn't start teaching how we would have liked.

We found out today that the person who was our first investigator is also one of our teachers. His real name is Hermano (brother) T*. He is a Samoan from California and is a really awesome guy.

Time to go to bed.

Love you all,
Elder Blanding

PS: Use Dear Elder if you want to communicate faster because they just have to print them and we get mail after lunch and dinner every day.
PPS: Tell people to write, I want to know what is happening!!!

His email from March 21

Ha ha ha I can't believe dad got a bike (insert smile face) and I can't believe that Kray found someone willing to give him credit.

I might have answered the questions you asked me in a letter already but just in case...

my companion is Elder Clarke, he is from Utah and is pretty cool.
My whole district is awesome we have so much fun together.  there are 7 Elders (3 are in a tri companionship) and 4 Hermanas (sisters)
Thanks for sending me the package it was nice to get stuff from home.

tell the Delanos thanks for me (they sent me an Easter package) I'll send them a thank you later today probably.

oh and while I'm on the topic of thank yous can you send me the Bean's address so I can send them a thank you for the shoes.

I love you and can't (kind of) wait to see you all again (even Kray (insert winky face))

see you in 2


Elder Blanding

I got a reply to my reply to this letter (I sent him the Delano and Bean home addresses) and it said:

can you send me my Phinius and Ferb blanket? (the thin fleece one) it gets really cold in the mornings here and the blankets they give us suck.

can you also send me my BYU jacket. (it can get cold and windy in the mornings but not cold enough for me to want my big coat)


Elder  Blanding

ps. I asked dad to send me a SD card reader (USB) so you can send them at the same time.