March 14, 2013 (part 2)

Email to his dad:

It was good but very hard. My district is awesome and so is my companion. Full immersion is hard but effective. I wasn't expecting them to put us with investigator as soon as they did especially ones that only speak Spanish.  Teaching the gospel in a language I don't know is really hard. I know that God will help me learn and oh boy do I need the help.

How hard was it for you to feel like you had a good enough grasp on Portuguese to teach people confidently?

If you want to send me anything please send it through DearElder it gets to me faster and I don't have to use my E-Mail time reading what you wrote (I only have 30 a week and only on P-Day).

Oh I for got to tell mom this but I have run into Jackson twice already in only one week. it is really weird seeing people I know from outside the MTC here. He has a picture on his iPhone of us if either of you want it.

love: Elder Blanding