The Proper Way to Run

I'm sure you are thinking this is about form and foot strike and all that--NOPE! Not at all. This is about running on the correct side of the road!

About ten years ago I lived in another neighborhood that didn't have sidewalks and the street lamps were few and far between.  I often left my house at 5:30 in the morning to go to an aerobic class.  I live at the 47th North Parallel so most of the time 5:30 in the morning is dark.  This was in late fall so it was really dark! As I was driving out of our neighborhood I almost hit a woman walking her dog. In fact if it wasn't for her black lab's reflective eyes I probably would have hit her.  She was walking on the right side of the road WITH traffic. But even worse she was in a black coat, dark pants and she didn't have any reflective stripes. I remember the ugly look she gave me and I was thinking, "Woman, I hope when you get hit that the undertaker can change that expression."

Since then I have always tried extremely hard to notice walkers and runners especially during the twilight hours in the morning and at night. But dang if some people don't make it hard!

Just today I was driving down my street and the lady who often walks down to the bus stop was walking on the right side of the road WITH traffic and then she was in dark clothing and not even close to the side of the road. In fact she was just about where my right side tires would be in the lane if my road had lanes painted! Glory be lady!

So the proper way to run or walk is AGAINST traffic is there is no side walk! PERIOD!  The only exception is when you are in a race and they have so directed you. Obviously they have set it up that way on purpose.  Don't believe me, just do an internet search "what side of the road should I run on?" and see what comes up.

Then if you insist on being outside during dark or even twilight hours, please put some reflective gear on.  I would rather look like a Christmas tree on the road than be have a bunch of machines look like a Christmas tree next to my bed in the hospital.  I really want to make it home after my run, after all that's where the food is. 

Ragnar, Northwest Passage July, 2013

Ragnar, Northwest Passage July, 2013

So PUT ON THE REFLECTIVE GEAR! You can get a reflective vest rather cheaply at most any sporting goods store. I found my favorite one at my grocery store! I then add a head lamp and then a FRED (Flashing Rear End Device). You really can't miss me!  On top of that, I try to make sure my tech clothing reflect as well. It really isn't hard to find reflective gear!

This way you will have a better chance of getting home from your run on your own two feet and not in a body bag.