A Slow Half

I had a HORRIBLE winter training for the Lake Washington Half Marathon. It started with hip troubles last fall. I ignored them for a while then finally went to the doctor and ended up in physical therapy. Once I got that working right I started running again. Boy was I slow!

Then Christmas hit and I had a kidney stone. I was a ROCK not just a stone. In fact on my second visit to the ER the nurse was surprised they even let me go home to pass it naturally. "There is no way the body can pass a stone that big." She was right and I had surgery. There went another two weeks of training. One week having the thing and one week recovering. (You don't run when you feel like you have to be within five feet of a bathroom.)

Then my kids decided to share an awful cold/ear infection. I was down two weeks with that.

So there was very little or no training. How was I going to run this race. Thankfully I had a friend who was in the same boat as I was. She had spent most of the winter sick as well.  We decided that we were going to keep the race at a 13 minute mile pace and we did and it was FABULOUS! 

The day was awesome. The view was awesome and it didn't rain on us until the very very end.  But the best part was running with my friend Roy! She is my Ragnar buddy and I love running with her. 

Look the white girl can jump!

Look the white girl can jump!

Thanks Roy! Let's do it again next year--without the sickness!

It's all about the bling!  Me, Linda (my new friend) and Roy

It's all about the bling! 
Me, Linda (my new friend) and Roy

Funny, but I posted this yesterday and today in my twitter feed this article pops up.