My moods change from day to day; please forgive me if I snap at you

16. My moods change from day to day; please forgive me if I snap at you.

I have always tried really hard to bridle my emotions, but this is so very hard. Please do not take it personally if I let some emotions slip. I really didn't mean to be mean. I am a good person, a sunny person and I don’t want to snap.

My moods will change as the drugs work through my body. Sometimes a drug makes me do or say things that I really don't mean. I have some powerful drugs to help me combat the side effects, but they also bring side effects and most of them are in my emotions and words.

Not too long ago I had a friend take some words I said in the wrong way. Because of that, I have lost that friend and the family that went with her. I am so very sorry. It didn't matter how much or how sincere my apology was, there was no reply, no forgiveness. Obviously she didn't know me because I would have never meant those words. I would hate for something similar to happen again. Please know that as much as I can I will try to be in control of my words and actions. I will try my hardest not to snap at you. If I do, please forgive me and give me a second chance. I need all the friends I have right now and I would love to add more. Please, please forgive me. I will try not to snap and if I do please forgive.