I like to be held in your thoughts or prayers

15. I like to be held in your thoughts or prayers.

I am a God fearing person. I believe in a higher power. I have been religious all my life and have counted on the power of prayer. I know that not everyone believes in a higher power and that is OK. Everyone has a heart and brain and can keep me and my family there.

There is something peaceful knowing that others are thinking and praying about me. Some are even worrying about me. When I know others have empathy for me there is something about going forward that makes it just a bit more doable. I don't know what it is, but when I know that others are pulling for me in their thoughts and prayers it makes facing another needle, test or doctor's visit all that much more bearable. I truly feel the power behind me, pushing me, helping me, comforting me. I don't know how to explain it. I don't even know the words to say how I feel, but I have a "bit more" to do what has to be done.

Please pray for me, but don't forget the seven other people in my house who need your prayers too. They are going through this with me. Steve needs your love, your support and your prayers. My boys need to feel that "bit more" from your prayers as well. They don’t say much to me, but I know it worries them. I know it scares them. I know my little girl who says a bit more than her brothers needs your prayers as well. She is scared and worried too. My children need your prayers too.