I'm more than my cancer: treat me kindly, not differently

13. I am more than my cancer: treat me kindly, not differently.

I read an article about a beautiful girl who had her legs amputated from the knee down. She is cover model gorgeous. The author asked her how she wanted to be written up she kept telling him, "Amy". He wanted more and she kept telling him "I'm Amy."

Well, I'm Doreen. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm a sister. I'm a teacher. I'm a coach. I'm a person. Cancer just happens to be inside of me and is making my life a little miserable right now. I just want to be treated like you treated me the last time we met. Yes, we can talk about it, but I'm not breakable. Yes, my health will be fragile, but I'm still Doreen. Please treat me as you did yesterday. Love me, trust me and be my friend. I'm still Doreen.