I need you to listen to me and let me cry

6. I need you to listen to me and let me cry.

There could never be a truer statement for a cancer patient. Sometimes I just need a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. I can't just dump on my husband. He needs time too. I need someone to talk to, to cry to and to nod understandingly even if it they don't fully understand the emotional roller coaster I'm on.

Nothing prepares you for this--nothing! I need to process all that is going on with my life and with cancer. I need someone to talk this out with.

I know I do best when I can talk things out. I might never solve anything by talking about them, but I can process them. I think that is why I write so much. It is how I process my feelings, my thoughts and my fears. It would be nice if I had someone with flesh and blood and a warm heart to talk to. Please let me cry and tell me it is okay. We don't have to solve anything. A hug wouldn't hurt either.