Asking my permission can spare me pain

7. Asking my permission can spare me pain: emotionally and physically.

I know this will contradict another thing that I want you to do, but please ask me if you can talk about my cancer. I might have had a bad day and not want to talk about it or I may be on my way somewhere where I need my face to be presentable without mascara running down my cheeks. I will be honest and I hope that you will honor my wishes. It isn't because I'm rude, I just might be burnt out or emotionally drained. I also might have other things going on in my life that I would rather talk about (after all life doesn't stop just because you have cancer).

Before you hug me or touch me, ask. I have a port-a-cath in my body that can cause pain if touched in the wrong way. I also may be very susceptible to bruising because my platelets are down. I also may be avoiding contact with other humans because my white blood count is down and the risk of infection or bleeding to death is high in cancer patients. It isn't because I don't want a hug (I do) I just can't have one at this time. Please don't be offended because I don't shake your hand.

I will be honest and hope you take no offense if I say no.