If you have been reading my caring bridge blog then you know where I am in my fight with cancer. If you have not then I'm sorry. Here is a catch up since my last report!
I still have cancer (never will have it GONE).
I had to do another round with radiation since they didn't get the tippy top of it last time.
I've lost over 40 (plus) pounds.
I've raised over $10,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
I'm running five days a week and have run over 325 miles since October.

Right now I'm experiencing a lot of pain. The very same pain that I had back in July that sent me on this road. They don't know what is causing it and can't image it because of all the extra radiation I have inside my body. So I take pain killers to dull the pain and hope that I can get some sleep. The only relief (besides meds) is movement. That is why I love running so much. The movement actually makes the pain go away!

I just hope and pray that the pain isn't another mass and that it is healing from the radiation.

The other thing I'm dealing with is temperature fluctuations. Simply put I'm having hot and cold flashes. They are so bad they wake me up at night! They don't know why.

And lastly, I desperately want my mom! I want to talk to her. I need her. DANG!