I made it!

I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through my first Mother's Day without my mom. I'm surprised I did so well.

On Saturday we did some yard work, and the boys didn't complain too much. We still have a lot of winter snow damage to fix, but slowly and surely we are getting there. I assume that by winter time we will have it all cleared up so the snow can damage it some more.

That afternoon we took a family hike through the Watershed looking for some benches that Mike is thinking of replacing as an Eagle project. The hike was beautiful! Not sure we found all the benches he has been asked to replace, but we think we found at least one. It will be a worthy project. The company was great (although Jason walked ahead of us destroying the "family") and the weather was awesome! Of course the scenery was spectacular! I love living in the Northwest. I can't believe this setting is less than a mile from my home! It took us longer to load the car up than drive to the parking lot!


That evening Steve took most of us to the new Star Trek movie. I'm not a trekie, but the show wasn't bad. I still hate the jerky camera motions that have become popular as of late. I get a headache darn fast. The story was actually a pretty good one and the new cast wasn't too bad.

Sunday morning. I had a nightmare (next post). Woke up in time for a shower and a small breakfast before heading off to church. Sacrament meeting wasn't so bad. The speakers were delightful and the songs were wonderful. The primary kids sang their songs "I Often go Walking" and "Mother, I Love You". (I played the piano.) A mother and son sang, "Mother, Do You Love Me?" Very, very cute. Then after the closing prayer the Priesthood Men sang! the young men sang a version of "I'm so Glad when Daddy Comes Home" and then the dads/husbands sang as well. It seems like our Bishop had some time on his hands and rewrote the lyrics!

After church I made Ginger Chicken (by request of the children). I don't mind making it, but it is labor intensive. Thankfully Matt, Chris and Jessie helped me out. I do love the dish! I also made strawberry shortcake, but we ate that a little later. We then sat down to watch the Sounders FC game (bad reffing!) and then ended the day watching the end of season 5 of Ballykissangel!

I also snuck in there a choir rehearsal.

The whole day I tried to just float on the surface so that I wouldn't and couldn't get emotional. I did ok. Going to bed was kind of hard, but I did my best and held it together! I'm really impressed I was so stoic.

But then maybe it is because on Friday I visited my mother's grave on Friday and left some flowers for her. I didn't know how much I would miss her. I never thought about this part of living without her. Or if I did, I didn't envision it looking or feeling like this.

Over all it was a better weekend than I thought it would turn out to be. I didn't get any presents but I'm not sure I wanted any. I think i just want to plant some lilac in memory of my mom and sister in the places where I pulled the deads ones out.

Here is the Bishop's rewrite!

I'm so glad to see my dear mom

Glad as I can be

Clap my hands contain myself

But want to shout YIPEE!

Careful not to break her ribs

Hug her soft like this

No ones looking so give her what?

An ittsy bittsy kiss.

"I Love you mom!"