How time flies

Soccer ended and I was going to have loads and loads of time to make up for all the time soccer took up. WRONG! I just loaded the calendar with "stuff." Homeschool conferences, Christmas presents, running a home based business, school, driving everyone everywhere, and on and on.
Last night the kids informed me that there are 11 days until Christmas and I'm not ready! Plan and simple. I'm not panicky about the whole thing, in fact if Christmas was tomorrow, I wouldn't care. Somehow we would make it all work out. I don't have any of my shopping done--no money to do it. I don't have any baking or candy making done and again I don't care. Some reason the more Christmases I have the more I really don't care. I almost didn't even put up the trees. I guess I'm the Grinch this year or some Grinch came and stole my Christmas and I don't realize it yet!
Steve's business is having a grand Christmas, in fact a very grand Christmas! I'm so happy for him. But it has made his vacation non existent for the family. He is home, sort of. He sits at his desk tracking orders, phoning customers informing them of the problem with their orders (ie ruining their Christmas), running to his distributor, running to UPS, and boxing and boxing orders. He is going to bed late and sleeping in--lucky dog--guess it is his vacation.
I on the other hand am just plugging along.
For school we are starting biology, getting merit badges finished up, working on reading with Jessie, math for the rest of them and a huge report due just after the holidays. I've sent back a lot of "not good enough" papers to the boys. Boy were fireworks flying last night. Oh, well. They will learn. Of course in the mean time, I'm enemy #1.
My mom's health continues to decline and that is killing me!
Well it is time for me to go work out! That is the one thing that has been consistent, BUT only because I have to get my seminary study to class on time. I just wish it related in to lost weight. Not one pound! Oh how frustrating!!!!!!!