And these are the types of people who sit on juries...

This past week I was called to jury duty. There is a lot of hurry up and wait as the slow wheels of justice churn. While in the jury assembly room, oh and you are going to love this, I was talking to the lady sitting next to me about homeschooling and she asked me how much studying I had to do. I told her I did a lot of reading but I totally enjoyed learning so it isn’t a hardship. I then pointed to my book (a novel about WWII) and said, "I think this is the first time that I have continued my learning past the time my kids and I finished a unit." (I had previously told her how we finished WWII during the summer and this was more of a converstaion
continuer than truth.)

She then asked me two rather amazing questions.

“Well, who won the war?” which I answered trying to make my eyes and face look totally natural. I did have to explain who the Allies were.

Then she asked this one, “Why do you want to read a book when you already know the ending?” Very thought provoking! Very thought provoking, indeed!

Lets you see through the window of some of our fine citizens' mind. I’ll let you know if this novel has a different team winning the war. Who knows, the Axis' might have learned something the first time through, you never know. ~chuckle~

Now to top it all off on the jury biographical form we all had to fill out she put down that she had 4 years of college. I didn't graduate, yet, from college.