It has been ages since I have written. Why I'm not writing is because my laptop that usually sits beside my bed has been used by a teen in a writing class and it isn't by my bed anymore and when it is, I just can't use it and then set it aside. I have to pack it up and get it ready for him to grab on the way out the door to class. Simply put, I'm lazy.

But that doesn't mean I don't have stuff to say. Oh no! I've got stuff rattling around in my brain. I do most of my best thinking in the car and therefore it never gets written down. When I get home life hits me square in the face and all is forgotten. Oh, well. You will just have to suffice with my incoherent ramblings of not being in the car.

Ok, and the other reason is time! I'm swamped, but not as bad as that last post. Soccer is over! YEAH!. I love the sport and am so ready when we start practice and part of me misses it, but come about 10-12 weeks of it, I'm ready for a break. This year's teams were great. My little girls team did a great job and kept their spirits up. I think they only won one game this year, but if you were to ask my daughter, she would tell you they won them all. That's all that counts. My boys team struggled all season with injury and sickness. It was a good thing I started with 17 boys. We won three games, but played like champions. The best part about this season as the make up of the kids. We didn't have any problems this year. They were all great kids. They paid attention and gave their all! I truly will miss them next year.

Now with all this time on my hands you would think I could update my blogs a bit more, but no! For some reason things just seem to continue in high gear. Oh, well. I guess I can't get caught with my hand in the cookie jar then!

I'll try to do better, but there are no promises. Maybe you will read my thoughts on excuses or teens or driving or living or cooking or schooling or well, whatever pops into my head.