What was I thinking

I have had a bunch of things run through my mind as of late, but I have had NO TIME to put them down. I truly have been running a mile a minute. Here is a little of what my weeks look like.

5:00 AM up I get
5:50 to take Kray to seminary and run to the gym to get a good workout. Unlike last year, this isn't a great workout because I don't have enough minutes, but it is a work out. Steve tries to join me in the gym, if he is up soon enough.
7:15 hopefully we are pulling into the drive way and I start making breakfast. We are going to try something new this year: breakfast together. We are doing this because trying to get dinner on with all of us home is next to impossible. Keep reading and you will know why.
7:30 we are supposed to be sitting down to breakfast, but I'm not that fast at getting breakfast on. Thankfully I have until 8:00 or we can do scriptures while it cooks and then breakfast.
8:00 family scripture time
8:30 Portuguese. Once again Steve is trying to teach us Portuguese.
9:00-11:00 Piano lessons and try to get in some personal one on one teaching
11:00-12:00 Lunch
12-2:30 Together school (right now we are learning to cook and finishing physical science)
2:30-5:00 PE at Gold's gym. I'm hoping now that I can get a work out in while my kids are at the kid fitness or swimming. So far it is working.
5:00 Get out of the pool and get dressed
5:30 take Matt to soccer practice and head home, unless I have to stay to bring him home. Hopefully Steve will make the trip up the hill to pick him up.
6:30 arrive home from dropping Matt off and start dinner and get the kids to start their evening chores (a never ending and seldom winning battle)
7:30 arrive home unless I got to come home earlier.
7:30-8:00 Dinner as a family and start of Family Home Evening. We have to start it at the dinner table or we won't have it at all.
8:30 Struggle to get the kids in bed.
9:30 Try to get myself into bed.

Start that all over again and pick up at 9:00
9:00 get the older three off to Writing Class, younger three stay home to work on school work (yeah, right) and piano lessons.
9:30 writing class for the older three and time for me to correct papers and maybe get a page or two read in my novel.
11:00 Writing Class over.
11:30 arrive home
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:30 together school
2:30-4:30 work out like on Monday, just a bit shorter
5:00-7:00 soccer practice--Jessie's and Chris'
7:30 arrive home and try to come up with something for dinner. Steve doesn't come home for dinner on Tuesday, so it is just me and the kids. It makes for some different dinners. Fight with kids about getting their daily chores done.
8:30 struggle to get kids in bed.
9:30 Try to get myself in bed, but I won't go to sleep until Steve comes home.

Start the all over again and pick up at 9:00
9:00 the kids have about 30 minutes to ask questions before I leave for my weekly Women's Study Group.
9:30-11:30 Two of my teens and myself go to Women's Study Group. My two teens (who rotate) help baby sit while I enjoy a wonderful class. This year I've been asked to teach a few classes so I'm also trying to put in some major scripture study with all the other stuff I have to do.
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:30 Together school
2:30-4:30 PE at Gold's gym
5:00-6:30 Mike's soccer practice
7:00-8:30 Cub Scouts. Scouts and Young Men's (thankfully it is on the way home from the soccer fields). I either stay around the church to help out or go home and try to get a dinner on. Steve can't go pick them up because there are 5 at the building and only 4 seat belts, so he either comes to get my car or I go and get him.
8:30 dinner
9:00 struggle to get kids in bed
10:00 try to get myself in bed and drop asleep quickly because I'm so exhausted.

Start Tuesday all over again, only this time, ALL the kids come with me. I'm correcting papers again when not helping the three younger ones with their school work.
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:30 Together school
2:30-5:00 work out like on Monday
5:30 head up the hill to take Chris to his soccer practice
6:00 either stay because Steve isn't going to come get him or go home and try to get a dinner ready.
7:30 arrive home and serve dinner
8:30 get kids in bed
9:30 get myself in bed

Start with the morning routine
9:00 look over school work
9:50 head out to my "job" of gleaning and take two teens with me.
2:00 come home and try to unwind and check in on the kids who stayed home
2:30 take Kray to Mini Mountain to work
5:30 pick him up and take Matt to soccer practice
7:00 bring Matt home
7:30 arrive home and start dinner
8:30 try to get kids in bed
9:00 try to get myself in bed as I have a heavy Saturday

For the month of September and October I will spend from 8-5 at the soccer fields every Saturday. Kray is reffing and earning a ton of money. Jason is helping me as a second parent and a ref. Mike, Matt, Chris and Jessie are playing and I'm coaching Mike and Jessie.

Now, this all is just what is supposed to happen. Of course I can't just leave it alone. I have to have therapy once or twice every week. I try to put them at 7am to get them out of the way, but it does make for a very jam packed day. We also have other things happening in the evening. Order of the Arrow for Kray, book club, game night, roundtable, moms night out, meetings etc. and I don't have a piece of sanity left.

During the month of September I haven't spent one Monday at home as I have been driving to and from the Tri-Cities for dental appointments. Oh, well. At least I have a plan.

Well, it is now 10pm and if I don't get to sleep I'm not going to make it through a Thursday.