The White Van

My heart still races when I think about what could have happened…..

On February 1st I had the privilege or running the music class carpool. I met the four little girls at neighbor's house and ran them to music class. I was going to use the hour to run to the grocery store and get much needed bread and food for my family. As I pulled into a parking spot and reached between the seats for my purse, it wasn't there.

I had a choice to make. I could go back to the music class and wait out the hour by either reading a book or taking a much needed nap, or go home and retrieve my purse and blow off the grocery shopping. Oh, that nap sounded so good! My 5:15 alarm is taking its toll on me.

Then the feeling came over me that I needed to get my purse. So I called (why my phone was in the car I'm not sure) home to make sure it was there. It was so off I went.

As I drove up to my house, I noticed a white mini van parked across the street from my house. I thought nothing of it. I drove just a bit pass my house so that I could back into the drive way like I normally do. As I did, I looked at the driver. It was a male, with his window down and he was staring at my house. I thought that very odd. I then started to back up. As I did so, he sped off. He was so quick that he kicked up a few rocks.

I quickly parked my car and ran to the street to see if I could catch a license number. No such luck, he was gone!

As I walked back to my house, I noticed that my garage doors were wide open, kids were on the trampoline and another son was on the basketball court shooting hoops. I also got that icky mommy feeling that all is not well and that we needed to remove ourselves from home.

I called the children inside and explained to them that they were all coming with me to finish running the girls home from music class. I received a bunch of moans and groans. I don't blame them, bouncing on the trampoline and shooting hoops was much more fun than sitting in the van waiting for four giggly girls to finish with music class.

I had to explain to them what just happened. Their attitudes changed. My oldest son even suggested that we say a prayer. Of course I had already said about 100 prayers, but he was right, we needed a family prayer.

We made sure the house was locked and went on our way.

As I talked with my eldest, who was shooting hoops, he said that he saw a white van go past our house and then come back, then pass it and come back again. He only noticed it because he had Alex, our dog, with him and he went crazy barking at the car. He thought, like me, that it was some sort of service van looking for a house number.

I do not know what might have happened and I really don't want to think about it since all those awful TV shows, news reports and unpleasant thoughts are not what I want walking through my mind. I just know that I'm thankful for living a life close enough to the spirit that I could hear the whisperings even when it was something I really didn't want to do (that nap still sounds so wonderful). I am so thankful that my sons were willing to go along with me and realize that they too were feeling the same promptings and that we were better off in the car together being bored than at home in harms way. I am thankful that our oft repeated prayer to "have a safe day" was answered. I am thankful that my son was listening to the prompting and asked that we have a prayer. I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to watch out for us. I'm thankful that I am able to write this from the comfort of my home with seven people I love dearly scattered throughout this house. And yes, our doors are locked tight tonight!