OH What a Beautiful Day

Today we did it again! We went skiing as a family. We didn't get to go to Big White like we all would have hoped and loved to, but we got to go to The Summit just an hour east of our home. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! I didn't do as well as last time on skis but I had a BLAST! I skied with Jessie the whole time and we had so much fun. She was the energizer bunny and kept wanting to go and go and go. The last run, I just couldn’t do it. Not only were my legs screaming at me, but the light was such that I couldn't see the terrain. I also had little kids falling apart on me as it was snack time. Mike had taken a bad fall and was in really bad shape and really wanted to get off the snow, put some food in his tummy and call it a day. I guess "mom duty" is never over even for some play.

Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Picture above: I'm the tall one, in orange boots (those are just in case I get lost--you can see orange better in the white snow).

Picnic lunch under the blue skies!

Jessie posing for dad.