Vision without action is a day dream; action without vision is a nightmare.

I saw this quote on a lumberyard's reader board the other day as I was driving. As I like to think myself a visionary woman, it has made me stop and think. Am I putting my visions into action? Am I living in a dream world?

I have to say, Yes, I am. I have a vision of a happy home, where children are doing their school work, getting their daily jobs done and volunteering for one extra chore a day. I see them smiling and laughing with each other as the day progresses. I see them quickly coming when Dad calls them to Scripture Time or Family Home Evening. I see them reading the scriptures on their own, gaining a testimony and doing good works daily. But like I said, I'm a visionary woman.

Now putting these visions into action. Been there, done that. Still the out come isn't what I vision. Fights and contention are ever present in my home.

Some of my actions are without vision. When I'm angry…well, let's just say, "it ain't pretty."

So the quote is try. I'm a visionary woman living in a nightmare, at least some days it is a nightmare.