So Busy I Can't Stop to Breathe

I have been so busy that I can scarcely catch my breathe. I don't know how I'm going to continue at this breakneck speed because I'm going to kill over in just a few days. Something needs to break, stop or change very soon.

This weekend I spent forever at the soccer fields and Jessie didn't even have a game. We started off at 8:30 and I got to come home at noon for a lunch break. During that lunch break I either had to help Steve with the railing for the deck or do something that needed to be done for our church. Well, Steve really didn't want my help so I spent about an hour writing a script for our ward's Christmas program. I didn't quite finish by the time it was to go coach Mike's team.

After this we came home and cleaned up the deck scraps. It was a HUGE pile and we filled the trailer will all the scrapes and added to our concrete rubble pile. It took us a good hour to get the trailer full and lots of the concrete chunks picked up. Steve wanted to go out to dinner, so we went to our favorite restaurant, Sages.

After dinner we came home and I spent another hour or two, putting the finishing touches on the script. Steve and I finally got in bed and I still was doing a bit more work. I finally climbed into bed and still couldn't sleep so I did a bit more work. That was just Saturday; my day off.

Shall we go back a day or two….
I scarcely can breath.
I'm going to bed on Sunday and I still don't have tomorrow's classes ready. I even have a class with other children coming and I'm not ready for them. I hope that by class time tomorrow I know enough about Australia to teach it.

Well, I might not have time to breath, but I have to take time to sleep.